Song lyrics Another day by Mest

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Another day gone by
And still no reason why
You say goodbye
But then you cry
A million miles apart we live
I opened every door to you
I put all my trust in you
You took advantage of it why?
Was every word you said a lie
It's just another day
That didn't go my way
It's just another day...

The times change
And minds rearrange
You walked away cuz
You started feelin' strange
You knew from the start
That this wasn't for you
But your feelings can control
The things that you do
That you do

Sittin' here with all this fear
Empty thoughts and a blank stare
Tryin' to find a reason why
The ones you trust are the ones that lie
And was I wrong for trusting you
You said you just don't know what to do
When you're with him
You think of me
But change means losing security

It's just another day
That you're living life this way
Just another day...


You say there's too much past with him
You can't throw it all away
But the past is all you have with him
History means security
That's what I say
Its just another day
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