Song lyrics Enjoy Yourself by Manu Chao

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(Refrain:) Enjoy yourself,
it's later than you think;
Enjoy yourself,
while you're still in the pink.
The years go by as quickly as a wink -
Enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself,
it's later than you think.

You work and work for years and years, you're always on the go; You never take a minute off, too busy makin' dough. Someday, you say, you'll have your fun when you're a millionaire - Imagine all the fun you'll have in your old rockin' chair.

You're gonna take that ocean trip, no matter, come what may; You've got your reservations but you just can't get away. Next year, for sure, you'll see the world, you'll really get around - But how far can you travel when you're six-feet under ground?

Your heart of hearts, your dream of dreams, your ravishing brunette; She's left you and she's now become somebody else's pet. Lay down that gun, don't try, my friend, to reach the great beyond; You'll have more fun by reachin' for a redhead or a blonde.

(Repeat Refrain)
Taken from
You never go to nightclubs and you just don't care to dance; You don't have time for silly things like moonlight and romance. You only think of dollar bills tied neatly in a stack; But when you kiss a dollar bill, it doesn't kiss you back.

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