Song lyrics Falling Apart by Dalú

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It seems like its the first time

Im face to face to real life, 

We just met  but with you it feels safe, 

To be myself with no doubts, 

Whenever you‘re around it feels like home, 

I never felt this chemistry before.

Listen carefully I’m terrified

i thought I knew this feeling until now 

If the world decided to break down , 

And the ending’s closer than we thought, 

There’s no better way to spend one last time, 

Than falling apart with you, 

If the universe suddenly stops, 

And gravity starts to throw us high, 

Baby I‘ll be happy to be in your arms 

While everything falls apart.  


 And falling apart with you. 

you leave me speechless baby everytime you are looking at me , 

I didn’t even mention when your smile appears

 But it’s like im floating on perfection 

And Hearing your voice it’s heaven, 

With you I found out true love happens only once. 

I don’t care what future holds for me 

Baby I just want you next to me 

Loving me. 

We’re on the same page, 

We want to give our best, 

So I surrender myself to you... 

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