Song lyrics Hang on siobhan by The Walkmen

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I'll be back tomorrow that is if you're here and you
promise to keep it
between you and me
it's all just a dream man it's all just a dream
I've been up half the night so get off it or leave
we're singing a song we don't care if we're wrong, have a drink on each
other, and call it a day
you're calling me back, when the money is gone, that's all and for us
that's as good as it got
it's 4 in the morning the bars are unloading,
I go to the window and put down the shade
you're calling me back, yeah but that was no good,
I got tired of it
day after day after day
so hang on Siobhan, you're a mystery to me but you don't hear me asking around
so hang on, we're coming on soon, it's so hard to get through to you
hang on, we're coming on soon,
we're waiting to hear it from you
hang on. hang on!

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