Song lyrics PROVE YOURSELF by Dalú

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He say he wanna do bad things with me, 

How can I trust him if once awhile he played me?

I was ghosted, treated like another lady on the list. 

But suddenly lt change it all, the roles are twisted and now I’m the boss. 

But he’s so good, hotter than none, 

Tall and strong, with that gorgeous taste of gold, Greek god’s voice,  babe if you want my love... 

Prove that you’re a badass. 

Press your body against mine, 

Touch me with your lips.  (Uh!)

How can I be this reckless? 

What did you did to me?  

So you think you deserve me? 

Then Prove yourself and drive me crazy.

you don’t need to try very hard, but now I’m tougher with the rebel guys, 

this time Prove yourself. 

Oh baby, prove yourself

If you want this, prove yourself... 

Oh baby... 

Long story short, it’s my mind who’s in obsession now, 

It won’t be enough until I find out where’s the tricky part. 

Darling, there’s a level I’ll only tease you for now, 

Imma keep the craving game until get you begging me. 

But he’s so good...

So You’re a badass, 

But i will rock you 

If You’re a player, 

I’m the game’s queen

If You’re a wrecker, 

 I’m made of steel, 

Do your best if you want to get me. 

Cause  If You’re a badass 

I will rock you 

If Your a player 

I’m the game’s queen 

If You  are a wrecker 

I’m made of steel 
Taken from
Save your words, don’t beg me! Prove yourself you want me.

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