Song lyrics Runaway by Dalú

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So it gets hard when I try to lie myself about my feelings.

to avoid all the moments that are screaming runway runway from him. 

so it gets sad while i`m awake dreaming `bout  lay with him on the couch

when I wanna stop this but my foolish heart says “take a change, take a change… baby I`ts okay. take chance… “

But then it's you again and perfectly blue eyes, driving me just crazy…you should start giving up on them?

Girl trust the future broken heart he`ll let you soon enough….

even if he might be is the one you choose, you should runaway

girl if the way he look at you it`s not gonna change because the thousands miles and oceans that takes both away.

you should runaway. 

or is it too little too late now to runaway?

                                                                                                                  But then it’s you again and perfectly blue eyes driving me just crazy should I start giving up on them? 

Taken from
Oh isn’t it too little too late night to runaway?

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