Song lyrics Your love is like a drug by Bananarama

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I can't believe the way that I feel
whenever I'm with you
don't make me wait
my body aches
I wanna get next to you

You can tease me, feel me, make me want you on me
You can spin me, groove me, let your rythm rock me
(Repeat x3)

Your love is like a drug
and every time you leave me wanting more
your love is like a drug
and everywhere you touch
you never get enough

Rythm, rythm, rythm, let you rythm rock me
Rythm, rythm, rythm, let your rythm rock me

I can't scape
and I can't explain
the thoughts that I have of you
you're on my mind day and night
and nobody else will do

I've been taken, shaken, never want to leave you
Do you understand the reason why I need you
(Repeat x3)

Taken from
Do you understand, understand, the rythm, rock me

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