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Ricardo Arjona Acompañame a estar solo ingles
Acompañame to be single,
To bleed the ghosts to me,
To put in the bed without touching to us to us.
Acompañame to the mystery
Of not doing company to us,
To sleep without trying that it passes nothing,
Acompañame to be single'
Acompañame to silence to chat without the words,
That is to say that you are there and I to your side.
Acompañame to the absurd thing to embrace to us without contact,
You in your site I in mine as an angel of the guard,
Acompañame to be single'
Acompañame To say without the words
The blessed thing that is tenerte and serte unfaithful
single with this solitude
Acompañame To quererte without saying it,
To tocarte without clearing nor the reflection
of your skin to backlighting,
to think about my to live by you,
Acompañame to be single'
Acompañame to be single
In order to calibrate my fear,
In order to poison my memories little by little,
In order to want to me just a little bit
And thus quererte as I want,
In order to desintosicar to me of the past,
Acompañame to be single'
And if the lights are extinguished,
And if hell ignites,
And if I feel lost
That your estaras konmigo with a kiss of reskate
Acompañame to be single