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[Verse One: Big Boi]

In the zone like Keyser Soze, always the Usual Suspect
No check, all I got in this game is my respect
and Southern pride I be, checkin my fuckin head
Scared, lookin up in your face, boi I see dead
If you test like SAT, then I guess that we may be, enemies
In the P´s freestyles be freebies
I be that wrong nigga to fuck with, wouldn´t I
Wouldn´t I be the wrong one to try, never eating chicken thighs
Only the twenty piece mojo, flow zone like Flo Jo
I wanted to figure out, just how low could yo´ hoe go
The beat hit like Beat Street, Krush Groove and Breakin
Never bakin, rebukin Satan, we had you waitin
For the Second Coming funny how time flies when you´re rhymin
La-Fa-Ce records, I think they got that perfect timin
to be doper than Sadaam believe the Nation of Islam
Fuck the police and the dogs, sniffin that dope up out your car
I think they overstep they boundaries
O.J., not guilty, that´s how they found he

[Verse Two: Andre]

I felt the pressure like sun shinin, while raining at the same time
I kept on rhymin, not complainin
Storm bringing cats and dogs my catalog be the size of golf balls
Throw up your Daisy Dukes I´m Hazzard-ous to all you Boss Hoggs
And Roscoe P. Col´ people, who could boost my locomotive
But enough of that everyone can rap unless they ain´t supposed ta
I use my gift of gab to boast and brag in every rhyme I
compose won´t y´all get sick of that, cause I know I do when I hear those
Flows that ain´t hip-hop, you find that shit in the gift shop
But to each his own, my speech is gon´, keep that shit up outta my zone
Long as you happy then I´m happy
Even if you just hate my fuckin guts go ´head and dap me
Cause I´m gon´ dap you anyway and then go home and pray for yo´ ass later
Cause we might need you in this war I´m wailin on you traitors
Like that...

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