Song lyrics Alcoholics anonymous by Anti Heros

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This ones for the kids who are still in school, And you wanna be tough so you break the rules
Life is boring, your family's a mess, Get out of the house you think its best
Get new boots and you crop your hair, Pretty soon, you'll be nowhere
Feels alright when you live for now, And a buck buys a stiff drink anyhow
Feel like a pebble on the beach, When you see things outside your reach
People come and people go, Too many times you're left alone
Job to job and drink to drink, There ain't enough time left to think
Smoke to smoke, lay to lay, One hangover for everyday

{Alcoholics Anonymous [3x] Alcoholics are anonymous}
Taken from
You're older now and you look real mean, And your face is creased and not too clean
Wanna be young make it last forever, But clockwork thrills won't make it better
The ocean you swim has gotten too deep, Your blood is cold, you can't get no sleep
Mouth is dry when you feel the hate, This is a nightmare you'll never escape

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