Song lyrics Alt und jung by Ambros Wolfgang

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Somebody told me / Once in a lifetime /
Destiny finds you and blows you away / Spins you in circles / Pulls
you in pieces / Bleeds you like Jesus / And goes on its way / But it's
oh so simple sometimes / Just to lay your heart open wide / If you
wanna get to heaven / Then you gotta
take the ride

Love lift me / Wherever you are /Convince me / I'm safe in your arms /
Love lift me / Make sense of it all / Teach me to fly / And don't let me fall

Somebody told me / Love makes you stupid / Makes you go crazy /
Makes you go blind / Comes uninvited / And leaves when it
wants to / Calls you at midnight and ties
up your line / But it's oh so sweet when it's right (there's nothin'
better) / And you swear you won't but you might (you're gonna try) /
Gotta fumble in the dark if you wanna see the light


And when it's all said and done / It's just the same for everyone /
You're busy making your plans / Love's like a bird baby / Flying out of
your hands

And it's oh so hard to explain (we don't know nothin') / And your heart
gets hold of your brain (but still we try) / Better batten down the
hatches baby / Here we go again
Taken from
Love lift me / Wherever you are / Convince me / I'm safe in your arms
/ Love lift me /
I'm waiting on you / 'Cause nothing can
lift me / The way that you do / Love lift me / Love lift me / Love lift me
(only love can take me higher) / I wanna fly

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