Song lyrics Chapstik, and chapped lips, and thinks like chemestry by Relient K

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Okay, so, who doesn't own a cell phone
Who brought back their permission slip
Because I know nobody wants to stay home
While the rest of us go out and make a day of it

Cause theme parks are so much more fun when the sun's outside
And I lost my phone to the lake beneath the batman ride
They're starting something, and I don't want to begin it
They're looking for trouble, but with me it won't be found
And I regret that I'm completely out of daytime minutes
And so I guess i'll have to wait a lot til 8 o'clock comes around

Okay, so, who doesn't own a cell phone
Well I don't need to ask my friends
Because I know mine was fastened to my jawbone
Thanks to all those nights and weekends

Taken from
When it comes to relationships (i'm the dumbest one)
And I don't mean just with girls (I mean with everyone)
Your illustrations always point out just whats wrong with me
It's chapstick, and chapped lips, and things like chemistry

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