Song lyrics Christmas pics by Bobbie Gentry

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"Christmas Pics"

Turkey is done, reviews are mixed,
When's Mom gonna get that hearing aid fixed?
Hold still, wait for the click,
You're in this year's Christmas Pics

Brother, we don't agree
About the government and where to put the tree,
Hold still, wait for the click,
We're in this year's Christmas Pics.

Flashbulbs and wine,
And hold that smile,
Everyone's here, flown for miles,
Looks like you're still the test and we're looking our best
Taken from
Tears rollin' down my nephew's face,
Santa's house can be a scary place,
Hold still... wait for it,
Hold still, wait for the click,
We're in this year's Christmas,
This year's Christmas,
This year's Christmas Pics.

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