Song lyrics Don't cry version inglesa by Jonatan Quiroga

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Ho, baby.
I believe that our route to arrived at its end.
Never I wanted that this finished thus.
We must leave the life of the other.
In all this time, we try it.
But I believe that I arrive the hour we say good bye.

Ho, ho, you don't to baby.
Why you turn away?
I do not understand it.
It had never wanted that this.
It finished this way.
Baby you don't to cry,
I am here; with you.

Now it is when you must demonstrate to me,
The strong that ace learned to be to me side.
When you are going
Desire that you remember my face.
And where you want that fences,
You take your memories with you.
It will be the force that you need.
But you do not cry baby,

You do not cry. I will be there.
He, don't to cry,
You, don't to cry.
Please baby,
You, don't to cry.
Because I will be with you,
And you don't to cry baby.
Taken from
You, don't to cry,
You don't to cry.
You don't to cry,
Baby you don't to cry.

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