Song lyrics Eat your beats alive by The Game

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Three wheel motion around the corner on these niggaz mayne
Smashin down the block, Charlie O beat in the deck
Game, what it do? (What it do?)

[The Game]
They love the way a nigga hop them six-fours and shit
The way I, push buttons make them Diablo doors lift
The way I, stick and move, when I´m behind the wheel
of that new Escalade with the Foreman grill
The way I, peel back niggaz jerseys
It ain´t your life, I´m just not a big fan of James Worthy
So wait ´til I see y´all, I´m real surgical with the Ruger
But you won´t catch my face on E.R.
But you might catch them dudes from the ambulance
Squattin on top of ya mans givin ´em each CPR
Tryin to get ´em to "Breathe Again" like Toni Braxton
Told y´all ´bout comin to Cali, with them phony accents
Hollywood got movies, but it ain´t no actin
So wear that bling to them awards like it ain´t no jackers
We chain snatchers (twenty-fo´ seven)

[Chorus: JT]
When you´re on the West coast - eat ya beats alive
When ya come to the lab - eat ya beats alive
Fuckin with this cash - eat ya beats alive
Cause it´s all about math - eat ya beats alive
When you´re on the West coast - eat ya beats alive
When ya come to the lab - eat ya beats alive
All about this cash - eat ya beats alive
Nigga all about math - eat ya beats alive

[The Game]
It ain´t nuttin to spray you faggots
Or have your moms get you a Burberry suit so you look good in that casket
It´s [reversed] you faggots, desperado in tact
June, Drago, The Game and D-Mac (holla)
Come through in a grim reaper black Cadillac
Seven-three, ooh-wee, you see, who he
With the ugliest, flows, money hungriest
Oh, the kid got hoes, you ain´t know?
Head is never optional, get my whistle, blizzow
Carry pistols, to your Sources and your Grammys
Of course it´s that nigga that kick down doors
And leave rooms filled with corpses, Jordan and bloody Air Forces
To get my dough I come back like Air Jordan
Same shot, lil´ older, still no nigga can hold him
Stepped back, sold crack let the Compton streets mold him
Big face said I could it, he´ll bet you a G


See I´m the nigga with the most flow
Figgaro from killer Cali, reppin Get Low, niggaz know
Independent with my hustle
Couldn´t give a fuck money or muscle it´s time to bubble
West coast is the place where we holdin it down
Bay area thuggin, they knowin it now
I´m from the home of the Get Low, home of the get dough
Home where they want mo´ so niggaz get they pistol
Run up in yo´ back do´, lookin for the cheddar cheese
Canary wristwatch on celebrities
Diamond bezelled iced out with hella cheese
And every fuckin link is like a masterpiece
Catch ´em slippin comin out the Burger King
Parkin lot project life, we like to spark a lot
Better known as a bandit, niggaz cain´t stand it
My whole block gets hard like granite

Taken from
[JT] Nigga

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