Song lyrics I believe by Steve Perry

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If you feel, love's an illusion
I won't hold you down
Do you feel, you're lost in confusion
With no hope to be found

Stop before you start believin'
That all our hope is gone
Cause I know there's a reason
To why we're holdin' on

And when you walked into my life I realized
Oh no one else took me by surprise

(I believe) I believe you
(You want it too) oh you want it
(You'll know the way) know the way
Yes the way I feel and I care
(Someday) oh yes I care
(Know the truth) I believe
(I believe) I believe in me and you

It's a strange situation
We can work it out
With love's blind determination
There can be no doubt

Well I know there's a solution
Right here in our hands
Then the lonely, lonely hours we've wasted
Won't be back again

And when you walked into my life I realized
No one else took me by surprise, I believe

(chorus twice)

Taken from
Believe it

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