Song lyrics I'll remember you by No Secrets

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It has been so long
Since we have talked
I hope that things are still the same
Hoping they will never change
Cuz what we had
Can't be replaced
Don't let our memories fade away
Keep me in your heart for always

You made me believe
I can do almost anything
Stood there by me
Through the tears
Through everything

I'll remember you
And baby that's forever true
You're the one I'll always miss
Never thought it would feel like this
I'll be there for you
No matter what you're goin' through
In my heart you'll always be
Forever baby
I'll remember you

I'll promise you I won't forget
The times we shared
The tears we cried
You'll always be the sun in my sky
It may be fate that brings us back
To meet again someday
Even though we go separate ways

You made me believe
That I could do almost anything
You stood right by me
Through the tears through everything

Repeat chorus

If the day should come when you need someone
You know that I'll follow
I will be there
Don't ever let there be a doubt in your mind
Cuz I'll remember you

Repeat chorus
Taken from
Forever baby
I'll remember you

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