Song lyrics I'm a mobsta by The Game

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[Young Menace + (The Game)]
Yeah! What is it? It´s Young Menace, and the Game
(Hahaha, yeah) Stackin chips, G-Unit (Chuck Taylor)
Doublin down on who? (Compton´s young guns)
Sacramenton´s finest (Who fuckin with me?)
From Sac-Town to Compton, you dig?

[The Game]
Yo, yo, now ain´t no tellin what the Game´ll do, listen dawg
I blow the guts out the dutch and do the same to you
And just to get shit crackin, I drop the toaster
Grab the Louis go Sammy Sosa
And you ain´t gotta know me to know that, I hop out a new pink Rolls
With the fifty-two Pete Rose throwback
Haze in my eyes, listen to Bobby Womack
On the same corner where Eazy-E sold coke at
And dawg I´ma test your education
What do I mean when I say I move more birds than migration?
I´m the nigga that´ll smoke the purple, get high as a kite
Down half the Goose then choke your workers
Don´t make me put two in your shirt, dawg I put in the work
Then move bags like Doony & Bert
And stuff work in the GMC, cause on my block
I´m the King of Rock like Run-D.M.C., nigga

[Chorus: Young Menace]
I´m a mobster, with a mac-11 chopper
That´ll pop ya and put one through ya motherfuckin collar
I´m a mobster, Robin Hood´s like Kevin Costner
If ya fuck with my dollars I´ll make you swallow my daughters
I´m a mobster, I keep a bitch by my waist
Just in case I gotta draw down to get this big face
I´m a mobster, uh-huh, yeh-yeah
I´m a mobster, uh-huh, yeh-yeah

[Young Menace]
Shhhhh.. I got a lot to say
Dawg I gotta get paid that´s why I rock the lle´
And chop the lle´ to push bricks through your block a day
I´ll bring terror to your squad and make you rock away
Don´t depend on tomorrow you can get shot today
I´ll spit acid on your turf and watch your block decay
Dawg I spit on your grave and fertilize you too
I hit ´em hard with 16 bars, flames and fumes
Somebody needs to push your infant rap back in the womb
Go ´head and keep talkin that shit and get your life consumed
I put a hole in your chest dawg the size of the moon
Yeah you musta been talkin, how´d you get out that soon?
(You fuckin snitch!) I got a chop that´ll touch yo´ head like Vidal Sassoon
You don´t wanna see my platoon, I got gorillas and baboons
That won´t hesitate, they gon´ do what they have to
When there´s beef on the streets it´s on for life like tattoos


[Verse Three]
It don´t matter what season, it don´t matter not a day
I move traffic through the city, plus I keep the right of way
I´m on point like Bibby, I´m the leader of the team mayne
Got the whole city amped just like a Lakers versus Kings game
Everybody´s fired up, I drop major packages
I´m never doin bids because my game is so immaculate
A bitch try to snitch, "I Can´t Deny It" like Fabolous
Before the evidence gatherin, someone´s in an ambulance
Now that´ll learn you to keep your big mouth shut
Those with big mouths I got the perfect size nuts
Yeah I do my dirt, but I wash my hands thoroughly
Handle my business first so I can celebrate early
It´s business before pleasure my business brings me pleasure
It feels good to be able to shine, in any type of weather
That´s why I do what I gotta do so my money´s lookin tight
Whether I´m jukin on the block or have bitches hookin lights y´know?
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