Song lyrics Joy by Missy Elliot

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[Elliott] Joyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
[scratch] Oh-oh, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh
[Elliott] Joyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
[Speak´n´Spell - vowel sounds]
[Elliott] Joyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
[scratch] Oh-oh, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh - so sick!
[Elliott] Joyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
[scratch] Oh-oh, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh
[Speak´n´Spell - vowel sounds]

Timbo, what they do
They try to be like Missy but they have no clue
On how I´m spittin over beats the way I move
I move so smooth in my shell toe shoes
Now put the needle on the record, show´n´prove
Since ninety-two I came to win and never lose
They try to stop a chubby chick from comin through
My belly out and sellin out these venues
My skills, will fulfill, those who drink booze
My attitude is super cool like I´m subdued
And those who fake I take on you and your dudes
I rule the streets I break ´em down with no tools
And Misdemeanor give the finger to y´all fools (HOLLA!)
Whoever doubted that I´m ´bout it check the news
And if you snooze on me this year your ass will lose
Cause I will bruise, my loose screws is like ooh
When I come out get your release dates moved

[Chorus: Missy]
This year y´all gon´ all lose sleep
I break ´em off somethin, break ´em off somethin
[scratched] This year y´all gon´ all lose sleep
This year y´all gon´ all lose sleep, when I
break ´em off somethin, break ´em off somethin (BIG SHOUT OUT TO TIMBERLAND)
This year you hear a real MC, when I
[slowed up] break break b-b-break break break...

I flow over a beat that make a chick weave blow
And those who try to compete to the wall I throw
So I drop it low, 808 kick low
Like oh oh-oh oh, oh oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh
Mr. Mos´, this beat he compose
While I kill the track, leave your ears decomposed
Fake rappers, this year your lies will be exposed
Like oh oh-oh oh, oh Missy steal the show-ow-ow
Spit on breakbeats, make rappers lose sleep
Make labels unable drop they artists on leak
I keep ´em knee deep, need me, be me
Hardly, and basically, I do it nice and slow-ow-ow

I´m slowin, the track down, so you don´t miss the shit
that Misdemeanor talkin like that chronic get you super high

[Chorus: Missy + (Mike Jones)]
This year y´all gon´ all lose sleep
I break ´em off somethin, break ´em off somethin
This year you hear a real MC
[scratch] Oh-oh, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh
This year y´all gon´ all lose sleep, when I (MIKE JONES! WHO?)
break ´em off somethin, break ´em off somethin (MIKE JONES! WHO? MIKE JONES!)
This year you hear a real MC (GEYEAH!)
Break ´em off somethin, break ´em off somethin

[Mike Jones]
See I´m a pimp that´s on my grind, I hustle like all the time
I speak what´s on my mind, my teeth´ll make you blind
My heat´ll lay you down, whenever you come around
Forsaken out there mistreated your life´ll be deleted
Cause I don´t play dat, you know I don´t play dat
Wherever you talkin noise is where you gon´ lay at
I´m "Supa Dupa Fly" like Missy Missy
Before the fame majors used to diss me
But now I´m on top, I´m hot I can´t stop
Before my deal came my shows was sold out
House been on the hill, diamonds been in my grill
I´m trill like U.G.K., you know I keep it real
I´m who, Mike Jones, WHO? Mike Jones
WHO? Mike Jones and I can´t be cloned
2-8-1, 3-3-oh, 8-zero-zero-fo´
That´s my cell phone number, hit me on the low
I got
Taken from
Hold up, I see a lot of folks in here sittin ´round like your shoes too tight
If you wear a size 10, don´t cram yo´ shit up in a size 6 ladies
Be proud of yo´ big-ass feet
We came to party up in this bitch

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