Song lyrics Lick shots by Missy Elliot

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Ugh, Ay yo Timberland, see what they don´t understand
Is we about to flip our whole style on ´em for two double zero one (Ay!)
And for those of you who hated (Ay!)
You only made us more creative

Misdemeanor Ugh!

You don´t wanna speak my name
Mess around get that ass blown away
Fool gone away
I didn´t even like your tail anyway
Missy got somethin´ to say
I ride down the block in an escalade
Bling bling all in your face
I think you might need to put on your shades
I know you feel me tho
You hatin´ on me, but you hear me tho
Twenty inch rims sittin´ crazy low
AAAAHHHHHHH! I´m a crazy ho
I´m a keep the party live
Me and Timbaland gonna flip it tonight
Keep yo hands in the sky
Wave ´em round like your crazy high

Time to lick shots
Time to see you dance
Hey you, why you frontin´
Time to lick shots
Time to see you dance
Hey you, why you frontin´

You don´t know who I be
You mammy tell you not to fuck wit me
If I give you head, you´ll never leave
Stop sweatin´ me
Flip it on the black hand side
Look it here boy, don´t you even try it
Make me dislocate your spine
My rings put your shine like turpentine
What you comin´ around hang out fo?
Baby him know, you just want my dough
Get cha black ass on the flo
Fool touch me, that´s a no no
Mr. DJ won´t you play that song
Tell the freaks shake they nasty thongs
Hey boys won´t you sing along
Cause we gone rock the party til´ the early morn

Y´all don´t hear me (hot)
You got your guns but you don´t scare me (ooooooh)
Originality is leary (ugh)
My only style and I ain´t sharin´ (back up, back up:easy now)
Hey Y´all (hot)
Let´s turn it up and tear the club down (ugh)
Grab your drinks and give me two rounds (zooooo)
I´ll break you off I´m goin´ down down
Watch yourself, I´m about to turn it up


[Music plays a little]


[Music fades until end]

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