Song lyrics Naked by Mary Ann Montecarló

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So, you know me in the magazines
You just see my glamorous life

Amd you think I'm very rich
You don't know that I'm poor inside
'Cos I dn't have a family like you

So, you know me with the Star Girls
You just see my beaty side

Naked, this time I'm naked
I'm gonna show you who I am
Naked, this time more naked
I'm just going to be me
Naked, this time I'm naked
I don't care if you love me or you hate me
But this is me

So, you know me at the tour
You just see my artistic side
So, you know meat the TV

You don't know if what I say is true or false


Don't, try to change me
Because I won't
Don't try to tell me what to do
Because I won't
And don't tell me to be like you
Because I'm me

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