Song lyrics Oxygen by Mary Ann Montecarló

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You're not good to me anymnore
You are over
I got tell you goodbye
But I don't
Have the brave to do it
But I have to do it
For my best

Why am I so coward
Why I can't tell you?
I just need some
I gotta take some oxygen
I gotta breathe some oxygen
To get away from you
I need of some oxygen
I gotta take my oxygen
To tell you goodbye

You are cheating me
And I know
But I can't leave you
You're like a magnet
You're bad but I can't leave you
I don't love you anymore
But I'm not brave to tell you

Why am I so coward
Why I can't tell you
Well I just need some

Chorus x2

You are nothiing
You are like trash
You're an animal
You are shit
And I'm going to tell you goodbye forever
Taken from
Chorus x4

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