Song lyrics Poison by Mary Ann Montecarló

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Poison x3
I think you wasn't good for me
I think you just make me bad
And I think that I must go away
I don't wanna look at you
I don't want to be with you

Don't never search me again
I'll be very away
And you won't find me with your

All you said was poison
All you did was poison
You're poison
You try to kill me with poison
But I survive to that poison

Poison x3
I think you must die right now
I think you don't deserve me
And I think that I must go away

Chorus x2

Poison x3
You used to drive me crazy
You used to love me
I used to love you
But I know you're poison
I know you're poison
And I don't wanna be with your

Chorus x2
Taken from
Poison x3

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