Song lyrics Sixteen by No Doubt

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You´ve been a juvenile
With a dolphin smile
With no elbow room
With your body in bloom
You´ve had your little backyard
Protected by big walls
You didn´t dare look over
´Cause you´ve been too small
Now you´re finally sixteen
And you´re feeling old
But they won´t believe
That you´ve got a soul

´Cause you´re only sixteen
And you´re feeling real
But you can´t seem to cop a feel
Why do they force us
Through the metamorphose

Little butterfly
No matter how you try
You´ll be segragated
You´re gonna be closed off
You´re callow and you´re green

´Cause you´re caught between
You´re only sixteen
Try to cross the line
But your little wings are intertwined
You´re only sixteen
And you´re such a tease
And there´s nothing you do

That can really please
"These children
They´re not really bad most of them
They´re just products
Of rotten neighborhoods
And bad family situations"

You know you can forsake it
So sit back and take it
You see you´re not just ripe
So don´t try and fight that
You´re only sixteen

You wanna catch a peek
But they look at you
Like you´re such a freak
Well, you´re only sixteen
With a lot to say
But they won´t give you
The time of day

You´re only sixteen!
You´re only sixteen!!
You´re only sixteen!!!
You poor little thing

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