Song lyrics Take it all away by Ryan Cabrera

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So much beauty in life
Shining on the outside
Empty on the inside
I get lost sometimes
Blinded by the flashing lights
Distractions always in my eyes

So i´m following the sound, the sound of my heart

You can take it all away
I don´t need it
Underneath, i´ll still be the same
You can take it all away
I don´t need it, it´s not me
You can take it all, take it all away
I´ll still be the same

Are you hiding still?
Don´t you want to love yourself?
Don´t you know that someone will?
Time can turn it around
Leave it all that´s dribbled down
That´s the only way to find it out

Are you following the sound, the sound of your heart?


Coming in with nothing, leaving with the same
It´s all inside
Coming in with nothing, the only thing that saves
Is here inside
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