Song lyrics Time and time again by Missy Elliot

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The things you said to me
Can´t make or break me
Everything you´ve bought I give back
absolutely everything
And, I am through with you
You and your crazy moods
You be trippin´ and slippin´ and givin´ attitudes
I deserve the finer things
The joy that love brings
And you´ll be missin´ my kisses´
And makin´ love, see
I´m better off alone
Can´t wait ´til you get gone
Ain´t no need to keep hoping ´cause it´s over and done

[Hook-2 Times]
Why do you keep coming back time and time again?
You promised me you´d change your ways time and time again
I heard the same ol´ lyin from you time and time again
And why I take you back? because I cannot change a man

No use in talkin´, better get to walkin´
Better get them chicks who turn tricks
´Cause I´m just too smart, man
I hate men who lies who looks me in my eyes
Come up with alibis for the thousandth time
I won´t take bullshit
Leave ya ass with the quickness
Because I´m stable and able to live my life alone
Boy I´m through with you
No more to say or do
´Cause you´re too confused
And it´s over and done

[Hook-2 Times]

[Rap] I be comin´ with a rap on a ballad
You should vote Misdemeanor on your ballots
´Cause you know I blow ya mind anytime that I rhyme
And I be down for a challenge
I´m wicked I-C-K icked
And I twist a twisted
From coast to coast I brag and boast
I´m better than most insufficient
I got that good love
That goody goody good love
That poody poody pusha
Slick talkin´ sista to any nigga that wanna get with her
Don´t ever diss her M dot S E
[Talks] And let me stop playin´ with y´all motha fuckas
This aint no rap record get back to the hook
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