Song lyrics Time by Angra

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This time I wanna know what life means... live it again
looking forward, feel the light into my eyes...
And now I know, my instance wasn't wrong,
and many things can be made
I don't believe now, 'cause I'm dreaming alone

Oh, we're searching for the love
that everyone's got, but can't see
Oh, beyond the flesh and blood
there's so much hid behind
there's so much more we've gotta be...

Sanity brings up the sadness
and keeps your illusions locked in a little box
Fright comes to find yourself lonely
in a cage of conclusions
crownding your mind
Live like grap bowing your head,
every answer - yes!
Why do you trust me and scream out your fear,
Running over, the tears you've contained
now cover up your eyes,
- Is that good for you?

And I will be here when fire burns!...

Welcome on board
over here is the ship of your life
So rotten that stinks like shit
I'll be your sweet lullaby all night
Even you fall and never wake up...

And I'll be here when fire burns
(inside your heart)
Climb up the hills and mountains,
don't forget what you've learned!
Taken from
Life make us feel the time we cannot hold
Time make us live a tale already told
Time make us heal the feeling inside
the feeling inside of our hearts and we steal away...

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