Song lyrics Two pennies by Between Thieves

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Walking down the street just the other day
There was an old man who came up to me to say
He said you look like a fine young man
And I know you don't know who I am.
He said, "I used to be the president of this big corporation, but I
Haven't been quite the same since me and my wifes seperation.
I hate to ask but, have you got a dollar to spare?"
And I said, "Sorry sir, I haven't got much money,
But I've got something, something I can share."

I've got two pennies in my pocket
And I know that's not alot for a young man.
I've got two pennies in my pocket
But what's in my heart is worth more than what's in my hand.

He just looked at me with this strange sort of stare
Looked at the ground and ran his fingers through his uncombed hair
He said "I don't understand what you mean"
And I said "Silver and Gold, Have I none
But what I have I will give to you
If you'll just listen to my two cents, i'll introduce you to the king
'Cause you've got a mansion waiting up above
It can be yours if you accept my father's love"
Taken from
All I have is peace, and it's all I need.
All I have is truth, and I give it to you, I give it to you.

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