Song lyrics When I talk to you by Mandy Moore

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Yeah Yeah Yeah
Remember Me
Feels Like Forever
Since The Days
When We Were Friends
Don't Understand
All These Changes
I'm Still The Same
No Need To Pretend
Where'd It Go
Do You Know
Maybe It Just Doesn't Matter

When I Try To Talk To You
I Feel Like I'm Not Getting Through To You
Where Did We Go Wrong
It's Hard To Be Strong
When I Talk When I Talk To You

There Were Times
In The Beginning
When You Were There
When I Needed You Most
We'd Sit And Talk
About The Future
And Laugh About
Us Getting Old
Do You Know
How It Feels
I Hope You Know That It Matters

Repeat Chorus

I Want You To Know Everything That I Am
Don't Want To Know What Life Would Be Without You

Repeat Chorus
Taken from
When I Talk To You
When I Talk To You Hey Hey
When I Talk When I Talk To You
When I Talk To You
When I Talk To

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