Song lyrics Whiskey on the rocks by Ac Dc

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I´ve drinkin´ all night long
So long baby, I´m gone

Bloody mary, give me shivers from a shot
Set up the shooters, it´s time for a drop
Old jamaica, runnin´ we come
Down at the hatch jack, the women and the fun
We drink a lot, that demon drop
This one´s on me and here´s to you

Whiskey on the rocks
A double or a shot
Whiskey on the rocks
Elixir from the top

Drinkin´ mai tai, singapore sling
Beam me up jim, it´s time to come in
I´ll have one more afore ye close up the door
It´s on the house mac, it´s whiskey galore
We drink a lot, that demon drop
This one´s on me, here´s mud in your eye


I´m drinkin´
Whiskey on the rocks
Pour me a double here comes trouble on the rocks
Whiskey on the rocks

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